Silent call

Please note that EMS is an emergency and urgent assistance, when a life-threatening symptom exists, meanwhile treatment services are provided by hospitals and clinics, and therefore, the Emergency Medical Service should not be contacted without reasonable cause.

Silent call

EMS Station has a special programme

PI Emergency Medical Service Station is ready to accept calls, related to the provision of emergency medical services, from hearing-impaired persons living in Vilnius district (Vilnius city, territory of Vilnius region municipality, territory of Šalčininkai municipality, territory of Elektrėnai municipality, territory of Trakai municipality, territory of Ukmergė municipality, territory of Širvintai municipality, territory of Švenčionys municipality), and the territories of Zarasai, Molėtai and Visaginas municipalities. For this reason, EMS Station has a special programme, which allows sending EMS crew to the caller’s location in accordance with the caller’s phone number.

In order to activate the programme, the following personal data are required:

  •  Phone numbers.
  • Exact address of the location.
  • If the location is a steading, farmstead or village – exact description of accessing routes.
  • Name and surname.
  • Date of birth.
  • Phone numbers of a relative, who has no hearing impairment, if possible.
  • If possible, a form and request filled by a person with hearing impairment.

Hearing-impaired persons can call the emergency medical service from phone numbers, registered on their name at EMS Station, using the short numbers 03 (TEO network), 103 (Omnitel network) or 033 (BITĖ, TELE2 and OMNITEL networks), for themselves or other persons to their addresses, registered at PI Emergency Medical Service Station, therefore a constant, timely updating of information is necessary. It is important not to end the conversation until it is not ended by EMS dispatcher. When a phone number 033 is dialled using a cell phone and the call is registered on the database, the caller receives a message (SMS) with the text: “You call has been accepted through Vilnius district dispatch (phone no 033 from all networks), the crew is on the way. Please wait for it.” When a wired phone is used, it is also necessary to wait for the EMS dispatcher to end the conversation and only then the caller can hang up (duration of connection about 1 min.).