Crews and employees


As stipulated by the Order No V-895 of the Minister of Health, dated 16-11-2017, there are two types of the emergency medical service crews:

  • basic life support (BLS)
  • advanced life support (ALS)

Currently the EMS Station has over 430 employees: medical doctors, emergency medical service specialists, general practitioners and community nurses, paramedics, paramedics-drivers, EMS ancillary staff and administration staff.

Emergency medical services are provided by 26 EMS doctors, 133 emergency medical service specialists, 37 EMS dispatchers, 5 paramedics, 30 paramedics-drivers, 53 ancillary employees, and 115 drivers.

Our Emergency Medical Service Station has started expanding to the Eastern part of Lithuania. In 2013, our team was joined by Širvintai region EMS staff: 9 emergency medical service specialists and 9 drivers; in 2015, our team was also joined by Švenčionys region EMS staff: 17 emergency medical service specialists and 17 drivers.

The substations of PI EMS Station are located at proportionate distances in the entire territory of Vilnius city and outside. The following substations are established for emergency medical services:

in Justiniškės, Karoliniškės, Šeškinė, Fabijoniškės, Naujoji Vilnia, Grigiškės, Naujininkai, Senamiestis, Naujamiestis, Žvėrynas districts, Antakalnis district has even two substations, one substation in Širvintai town, and 3 substations in Švenčionys region (Pabradė, Švenčionys, Švenčionėliai)


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